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 Spending Primal Velium Shards

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PostSubject: Spending Primal Velium Shards   Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:26 am

In the Thurgadin Harbor area of Great Divide, there are merchants who will trade your Primal Velium Shards for Tier 1 Legendary and Fabled Gear, jewelry and adornments.

In the Ry'Gorr Keep area of Eastern Wastes, there are merchants who will trade your Primal Velium Shards for Tier 2 Legendary and Fabled Gear, jewelry and adornments.

Primal Velium Shards can alternatively be used as fuel by player crafters through the Commission System to make much of the same gear that the shard merchants sell. To create these items, the crafter must have scribed at least one of the two volumes of the Far Seas Strategic Pricing Manual (3rd Edition). Player-crafted shard armor require 25% less shards to craft than their merchant-purchased versions.

So if you need any of the following made some of our own Crafters can make these items

Crafters Confirmed to have the Book are as follows....

Armarni , Amoriana , Letika

Far Seas Strategic Pricing (3rd Edition), Volume II

Summary minutes and research notes from the emergency strategic meeting of the Far Seas Trading Company. Topic: strategic underpricing as a competitive incentive to combat the market incursion from local Velious vendors, and to further the acquisition of foreign currency.
Level 90

  • Archon's Reconstructing Barbute
  • Archon's Reconstructing Gauntlets
  • Archon's Reconstructing Greaves
  • Archon's Reconstructing Pauldrons
  • Archon's Reconstructing Sabatons
  • Archon's Reconstructing Vambraces
  • Augur's Prophetic Bands
  • Augur's Prophetic Epaulets
  • Augur's Prophetic Hood
  • Augur's Prophetic Leggings
  • Augur's Prophetic Mitts
  • Augur's Prophetic Shoes
  • Beguiler's Prophetic Bands
  • Beguiler's Prophetic Epaulets
  • Beguiler's Prophetic Hood
  • Beguiler's Prophetic Leggings
  • Beguiler's Prophetic Mitts
  • Beguiler's Prophetic Shoes
  • Blood Lord's Prodigious Barbute
  • Blood Lord's Prodigious Gauntlets
  • Blood Lord's Prodigious Greaves
  • Blood Lord's Prodigious Pauldrons
  • Blood Lord's Prodigious Sabatons
  • Blood Lord's Prodigious Vambraces
  • Brute's Prodigious Arm Wraps
  • Brute's Prodigious Breeches
  • Brute's Prodigious Foot Wraps
  • Brute's Prodigious Hand Wraps
  • Brute's Prodigious Skull Cap
  • Brute's Prodigious Wrist Wraps
  • Cenobite's Prodigious Arm Wraps
  • Cenobite's Prodigious Breeches
  • Cenobite's Prodigious Foot Wraps
  • Cenobite's Prodigious Hand Wraps
  • Cenobite's Prodigious Skull Cap
  • Cenobite's Prodigious Wrist Wraps
  • Darkblade's Lacerating Boots
  • Darkblade's Lacerating Chausses
  • Darkblade's Lacerating Coif
  • Darkblade's Lacerating Cuffs
  • Darkblade's Lacerating Spaulders
  • Darkblade's Lacerating Wristguard
  • Elementalist's Prophetic Bands
  • Elementalist's Prophetic Epaulets
  • Elementalist's Prophetic Hood
  • Elementalist's Prophetic Leggings
  • Elementalist's Prophetic Mitts
  • Elementalist's Prophetic Shoes
  • Exarch's Reconstructing Barbute
  • Exarch's Reconstructing Gauntlets
  • Exarch's Reconstructing Greaves
  • Exarch's Reconstructing Pauldrons
  • Exarch's Reconstructing Sabatons
  • Exarch's Reconstructing Vambraces
  • Forest Scion's Reconstructing Bracers
  • Forest Scion's Reconstructing Cap
  • Forest Scion's Reconstructing Gloves
  • Forest Scion's Reconstructing Moccasins
  • Forest Scion's Reconstructing Pants
  • Forest Scion's Reconstructing Shoulder Pads
  • Forest Stalker's Lacerating Boots
  • Forest Stalker's Lacerating Chausses
  • Forest Stalker's Lacerating Coif
  • Forest Stalker's Lacerating Cuffs
  • Forest Stalker's Lacerating Spaulders
  • Forest Stalker's Lacerating Wristguard
  • Gambler's Lacerating Boots
  • Gambler's Lacerating Chausses
  • Gambler's Lacerating Coif
  • Gambler's Lacerating Cuffs
  • Gambler's Lacerating Spaulders
  • Gambler's Lacerating Wristguard
  • Invoker's Prophetic Bands
  • Invoker's Prophetic Epaulets
  • Invoker's Prophetic Hood
  • Invoker's Prophetic Leggings
  • Invoker's Prophetic Mitts
  • Invoker's Prophetic Shoes
  • Knight's Prodigious Barbute
  • Knight's Prodigious Gauntlets
  • Knight's Prodigious Greaves
  • Knight's Prodigious Pauldrons
  • Knight's Prodigious Sabatons
  • Knight's Prodigious Vambraces
  • Maestro's Lacerating Boots
  • Maestro's Lacerating Chausses
  • Maestro's Lacerating Coif
  • Maestro's Lacerating Cuffs
  • Maestro's Lacerating Spaulders
  • Maestro's Lacerating Wristguard
  • Myrmidon's Prodigious Barbute
  • Myrmidon's Prodigious Gauntlets
  • Myrmidon's Prodigious Greaves
  • Myrmidon's Prodigious Pauldrons
  • Myrmidon's Prodigious Sabatons
  • Myrmidon's Prodigious Vambraces
  • Occultist's Prophetic Bands
  • Occultist's Prophetic Epaulets
  • Occultist's Prophetic Hood
  • Occultist's Prophetic Leggings
  • Occultist's Prophetic Mitts
  • Occultist's Prophetic Shoes
  • Spiritweaver's Reconstructing Boots
  • Spiritweaver's Reconstructing Chausses
  • Spiritweaver's Reconstructing Coif
  • Spiritweaver's Reconstructing Cuffs
  • Spiritweaver's Reconstructing Spaulders
  • Spiritweaver's Reconstructing Wristguard
  • Stormbringer's Reconstructing Bracers
  • Stormbringer's Reconstructing Cap
  • Stormbringer's Reconstructing Gloves
  • Stormbringer's Reconstructing Moccasins
  • Stormbringer's Reconstructing Pants
  • Stormbringer's Reconstructing Shoulder Pads
  • Thaumaturge's Prophetic Bands
  • Thaumaturge's Prophetic Epaulets
  • Thaumaturge's Prophetic Hood
  • Thaumaturge's Prophetic Leggings
  • Thaumaturge's Prophetic Mitts
  • Thaumaturge's Prophetic Shoes
  • Thug's Lacerating Boots
  • Thug's Lacerating Chausses
  • Thug's Lacerating Coif
  • Thug's Lacerating Cuffs
  • Thug's Lacerating Spaulders
  • Thug's Lacerating Wristguard
  • Virtuoso's Lacerating Boots
  • Virtuoso's Lacerating Chausses
  • Virtuoso's Lacerating Coif
  • Virtuoso's Lacerating Cuffs
  • Virtuoso's Lacerating Spaulders
  • Virtuoso's Lacerating Wristguard
  • Warlord's Prodigious Barbute
  • Warlord's Prodigious Gauntlets
  • Warlord's Prodigious Greaves
  • Warlord's Prodigious Pauldrons
  • Warlord's Prodigious Sabatons
  • Warlord's Prodigious Vambraces
  • Wraith's Reconstructing Boots
  • Wraith's Reconstructing Chausses
  • Wraith's Reconstructing Coif
  • Wraith's Reconstructing Cuffs
  • Wraith's Reconstructing Spaulders
  • Wraith's Reconstructing Wristguard

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Spending Primal Velium Shards
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