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 Raiding and You Q/A Open Forum

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PostSubject: Raiding and You Q/A Open Forum   Wed Jul 27, 2011 1:08 am

Thought I would post some sort of Q/A section about raiding and how we or rather I plan to do things.

Q. Can anyone raid?

A. Of course anyone can raid in general, however the raid leader Might Set some restrictions.

The restrictions in question could be things like

  1. Raid only open to level 90 or 80+ etc
  2. Max number of raiders 24 people total
  3. Max number of 1 class = 4 meaning maximum Templar / Inquisitors = 4
  4. Raiders level 40to70

Q. Do I have to raid each time?

A. Nah, you only come if you want to, no one will EVER say you MUST raid.

Q. Can I still get the Best gear for my caracter without raiding

A. No, The Best gear is no drop no trade. So if you are not their you can not pick it up.

Q. Can I get good gear without raiding?

A. Yes but it would take longer to reach this goal. Gear that drops and is also tradable would be offered to those on the raid first. But sooner or later items will be available when people allready have this gear or better.

Q. What happens to gear no one wants?

A. Grats the Guild Bank. (this is the gear we will use to help equip those who raid but missed this raid and then those who cant raid.

Q. How often will we raid?

A. To start with we will set raids for every 2 weeks the how often part is fluid and we can adjust as the demand for raids goes up or down accordingy

Q. How long are raids?

A. Anything from 30mins to 5 hours+ The Hardest boss in EQ2 may take maybe 3 hours or more just to be able to see the boss then you have to get the tactics right. This will be harder to do if we Rush to face this boss and the raiders are Under equipped.

An example: My Old EQ2 Live guild took 4 hours plus to kill Count Mistmore (final Boss) the FIRST time we ever killed him, the last time I went and killed him we did it in 45 mins Flat!

Good Gear will get you so far, Tactics will take you the rest of the journey.

Q. When are we going to start raiding?

A. As soon as we get enough people on THIS forum who actualy wan t to start raiding (30 members or more for x4 raids) possibly less if we plan on doing x2 raids.

Q. Can I use an Alt to raid?

A. Yes

Q. Can my alt who raids still win Loot?

A. Yes but please remember mains are more important than alts.

Q. Can add to this list of questions?

A. Sure post your question and I will add both it and the reply Very Happy
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Raiding and You Q/A Open Forum
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