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See "How to Start" at Introduction

  1. Speak with Lama Mukhlisah at ( -439, 380, 654 ) in Quel'ule, which is located in The Stonebrunt Highlands.
  2. Lama Mukhlisah needs many items in order to hold the conversation with the ancient scholars.

    • Hunt slitherstrike mambas to obtain an unscathed venom sac, a rare update. The mambas can be found around ( 171, 369, 1010 ) .
    • Hunt Stonebrunt scintillas for six glittering particles. These are common updates from scintillas which float around ( 44, 364, 1006 ) .
    • Harvest four Aglthin Pondweed at the bottom of Aglthin Pond. ( -60, 369, 929 ) (clicking breaks invis)

<LI>Return to Lama Mukhlisah who awaits you behind the Mausoleum of Scholars at ( 551, 233, -97 ) . She will then summon a risen scholar who speaks of a tome penned by Reba Garus. After the scholar has spoken, hail Lama once more.
<LI>Seek out a book about spell transference within Erudin's great library.

<LI>Return to Lama Mukhlisah at ( -439, 380, 654 ) in Quel'ule.
<LI>Collect the items required to perform the spell transference.

  • The 8 ensorcelled mercury can be found as uncommon updates from killing flowing mercury in The Hole around ( -71, -81, -1035 ) .
  • The Erud Binding Powder is obtained by killing V'lad Olkeen in the Erudin Research Halls.
  • The Mindflow Crystal is in Demitrik's Bastion; a click update obtained at ( -212, -38, 139 ) . You will need to kill the first set of nameds (Shirinu, Tirini and Protector Ghondu) to activate the ladder and teleporter to get to the area where the update is located. A cleared zone will work fine for this update.
  • Convince a dragon to part with their blood of their own choice.

  1. Defeat Queen Gwarthlea in Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella. If you have already killed Queen Gwarthlea in the past, you can skip this step and use a cleared instance instead.
  2. Hail Delahnus the Dauntless in Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella for the dragon blood.

<LI>Speak to Lama Mukhlisah in Quel'ule at ( -439, 380, 654 ) . She will tell you that she can no longer help you.
<LI>Seek out Sa'ib Waseem in Paineel at ( 1996, -299, 3341 ) .
<LI>Sa'ib agrees to meet you at his hut in Toxxulia's Reach. Speak to him there to complete the quest. ( 619, 113, 2971 )

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