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 GUILD RAID Sat 3rd Sep The Palace of Roehn Theer

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PostSubject: GUILD RAID Sat 3rd Sep The Palace of Roehn Theer   Thu Aug 18, 2011 3:23 am

You want a RAID ? ok ....

  • Date: 3rd Sep
  • Time: TBC most probably Evening Time (USA)
  • Zone:The Palace of Roehn Theer
  • Level 85+
  • Total Raiders: 24

(reply to this post)
Before 25Th Aug
(failing to do so may mean you cant go)

Post Edition 2
not as yet updated


Lieutenant Buldoral

Buldoral is part of a ring event. He attacks during the second wave.

During the fight, "a little mauve book" will be dropped on the floor. When Buldoral emotes that he begins a ritual and raises his axe, these books must be placed at his feet. Otherwise, Buldoral receives a massive buff and will most likely wipe the raid.

Azara the Seer

Azara is part of a 3 wave ring event.

The first wave is just trash. During the second wave, an elite sorceress attacks. Although not a named mob she has a very nasty elemental AoE and detrimental that must be cured.

Azara the Seer has an arcane detrimental and AoEs.

The Twins

Both Parmares drop Wonderous Wand of Life, which is used in the fight against Maalus Imbued.

Penda Parmare (Easy Mode)

Penda starts with a bunch of adds.

During the fight, Penda will begin to reflect all caster damage. She will at the same time put up four pillars. One pillar is green, one is red, one is blue. The fourth flashes those three colors in a specific order determined at random. Someone in the raid must right click and deactivate the three colored pillars in the order the flashing pillar flashed in.

Kendis Parmare (Easy Mode)

The only difference between the fight against Penda and the fight against Kendis is that Kendis reflects physical damage instead of caster damage.

A hint to remember which Parmare reflects which damage is "Kast on Kendis, Pound on Penda".

Penda & Kendis United (Hard Mode)

There are two ways to activate hard mode. In one, when the raid approaches Penda, the a courtly custodian outside her door will run across the zone to Kendis. The other, trickier way, is to drag the two within sight of each other.

The raid force will be split in two for this fight. Also, both Parmares will respawn the adds they start the easy mode battles with. The flashing color coded pillars still need to be clicked.

Iilsaad's Barrier

During the fight, a fairly large glowing circle will appear under a random member of the raid. Players must get out of the circle in roughly 10 seconds or die. Iilsaad's Barrier also has fairly nasty AOEs and can quickly devastate a raid force if he gets away from the tank.

Maalus Shadowfyre

Maalus Shadowfyre (Easy Mode)

At the beginning of the fight, Maalus summons fallen dead. These fallen dead drop necrotic flashpots that will be needed for the fight against the 3 Sages.

Early on in the fight, Maalus will begin a ritual. Right click and disrupt him, or he engages the hard mode encounter.

Maalus casts many curses, but only one of them is truly dangerous. It is called Curse of Devastation. It drains health and power from its target, and if the target dies while still cursed it spreads to players around him. If it isn't cured quickly enough it also spreads.

Maalus Imbued (Hard Mode)

Maalus summons two kinds of adds during this fight. Necrotic Entities are ^^^heroic. a greater deathnight is a lvl 90 epicx2 that will usually run for the casters, and must be burned down.

Maalus now casts Greater Curse of Devastation, which, like the Curse of Devastation in easy mode, must be cured quickly or it goes viral. He has two new tricks, too. In one, he teleports a single member of the raid into a "netherworld of death". That player will be afflicted with an arcane detrimental and be forced to fight a doppleganger of him or herself. The detrimental prevents the player from targeting his doppleganger.

The other is a charm he casts that forces a player to fight for him. He casts the charm once every 60 second. It can be dispelled with the Wonderous Wand of Life dropped by the Twins, but the Wand has a 90 second recast and raids must exercise discretion in which players they choose to cure.

The Three Sages

For this fight you will need a good stockpile of the Necrotic Flashpots that the adds with Maalus Shadowfyre drop.

The Three Sages (Easy)

Your raid force will split into three. Medorius must be tanked by a warrior, Mikla must be tanked by a crusader, and Mandoril must be tanked by a brawler. The fourth group, usually a caster group, should start on Medorius.

The sages must not be hit by any fighter class other than the one that is supposed to tank them. Otherwise a significant stun will proc.

The sages have an "uncurable" noxious that turns into a curse. Two of them will periodically during the fight cast this on two random members of the groups tanking them - the third doesn't cast it. Any class can use the necrotic flashpots. If the noxious isn't cured it turns into a viral curse.

The Three Sages (Hard)

In this fight, the three sages will switch which tank class is able to tank them, forcing the raid to continually rotate around the room.

Mandoril Energized must be burned down within 4 minutes, so caster group should stay on him at all times.

Roehn Theer

Roehn Theer has a tail lash that does significant damage and causes a knock-up.

At 90%, he will become immune to damage and four runes (Rune of Aniquilacion, Rune of Paixao, Rune of Pingyuan Diqu, Rune of Zou Kunnen) will spawn. The raid must kill at least one rune, and as many as all four. Each rune killed gives him a different ability. One is a manaburn, one brings waves of heroic^^^ adds, one forces the raid to stay very close to each other, and one brings an epic add that explodes when it gets too close to Theer.

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Character sheet
Name: Redshield
Race: Human
Class: Guardian

PostSubject: Re: GUILD RAID Sat 3rd Sep The Palace of Roehn Theer   Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:49 am


  • Aemath Sash
  • Archaic Runed Identical Silk Slippers
  • Archaic Runed Shadowfyre Hood
  • Archaic Runed Vestment of the Godslayer


  • Baleful Caller's Cuffs of Unknown Power
  • Baleful Caller's Identical Silk Slippers
  • Baleful Caller's Shadowfyre Hood
  • Baleful Caller's Vestment of the Godslayer
  • Barrier Barbute
  • Barrier Hoop
  • Barrow Flame Rapier
  • Bejewelled Sibling's Necklace
  • Bestial Identical Travelers Boots
  • Bestial Shadowfyre Skullcap
  • Blackened Necklace of Ruin
  • Bladebane Choker
  • Blighted Mithril Choker
  • Bloodgorged Choker
  • Boots of Layered Depths
  • Breastplate of Divine Equilibrium
  • Breeches of Planar Divination
  • Brilliant Bladestopper Buckler
  • Brimstone Cowl
  • Buldoral's Scarred Gauntlets


  • Channeling Cap of Ghost Mind
  • Chestguard of Divine Equilibrium
  • Chestplate of Divine Equilibrium
  • Choker of the Loremistress
  • Circlet of Forgotten Spirits
  • Clock Spring Gages
  • Clockstrike Helm
  • Collar of Fury
  • Commander's Strategic Leggings
  • Corselet of Divine Equilibrium
  • A crate containing an effigy of Enoxus
  • Crystal Ball of the Depths
  • Cuirass of Divine Equilibrium


  • Deadly Stars of the Fallen
  • Drape of Divine Equilibrium
  • Drape of the Barrier Golem
  • Dutiful Gloves of the Battlemage


  • Earring of Kendis
E cont.

  • Elegiac Coronet
  • Elite Reconnaissance Greaves
  • Enduring Spirit Identical Chainlink Boots
  • Enduring Spirit Shadowfyre Coif
  • Enduring Spirit Vest of the Godslayer


  • Fists of the Foretold Warrior
  • Flashing Jewel of the Deep
  • Flood-Weathered Gauntlets


  • Gauntlets of Martial Heritage
  • Gauntlets of Neverending Reach
  • Gauntlets of Ravaging Winds
  • Gauntlets of the Frenzied Liege
  • Gloves of Forgotten Medicine
  • Gloves of the Master's Permission


  • Hail-scored Hand Wraps
  • Hands of Arcane Downpour
  • Hands of the Second Splitter
  • Hauberk of Divine Equilibrium
  • Helmet of Death's Embrace
  • Helmet of Grave Warding
  • Hulking Breastplate of the Godslayer
  • Hulking Sabatons of Identity
  • Hulking Shadowfyre Hounskull
  • Hulking Vambraces of Unknown Power


  • Iilsaad's Control Rod


  • Kendis' Signet of Parmare


  • Leaf of Shredded Verses
  • Leaf-covered Buckler of Rejuvenation
  • Leather Breastplate of Divine Equilibrium
  • Longbow of Rivalry
  • Loremaster Stud
  • Loremaster's Lucky Charm


  • Maalus' Magical Parchment
  • Marble Infused Choker
  • Mitts of the Lore Scribe


  • Pantaloons of the Blasphemous Scholars
  • Pants of Recollected Balance
  • Parchment Leggings of the Sages
  • Parmare Arcane Tome of Lore
  • Parmare Choker of Avoidance
  • Parmare Choker of Survival
  • Pauldrons of Remembrance
P cont.

  • Penda's Guardian-caller Necklace
  • Penda's Hoop
  • Penda's Signet of Parmare
  • Pugilist's Identical Gladiator Sandals
  • Pugilist's Shadowfyre Skullcap


  • Ranked Leggings of the Taxonomer
  • Recurve of Balance
  • Revered Identical Plate Boots
  • Revered Shadowfyre Hounskull
  • Revered Vambraces of Unknown Power
  • Robes of Duality
  • Royal Palace Drape
  • Rune Scraped Turban
  • Rune Writ Pants of Invocation


  • Salving Gloves of the Battlefield
  • Savage Identical Sabatons
  • Savage Shadowfyre Hounskull
  • Savage Vambraces of Unknown Power
  • Scorn, Disk of the Deathmage
  • Septic Spinesever
  • Shard of Iilsaad
  • Shirt of Divine Equilibrium
  • Shoulderguards of Remembrance
  • Shroud of Faded Wights
  • Siege Greaves
  • Skollin Seer's Slippers
  • Skull Barrier of the Unyielding
  • Staff of Death's Augur
  • Stained-glass Necklace
  • Suffused Gauntlets of Erudition


  • Tenacious Identical Gladiator Sandals
  • Tenacious Shadowfyre Skullcap
  • Theer Servant's Belt
  • Threadcutter


  • Vatic Hand Wraps
  • Venomous Chain Sleeves of Unknown Power
  • Venomous Identical Chainlink Boots
  • Venomous Shadowfyre Coif
  • Vest of Divine Equilibrium
  • Vest of Iilsaad


  • Wonderous Wand of Life
  • Wrist Wraps of Divine Equilibrium
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PostSubject: Re: GUILD RAID Sat 3rd Sep The Palace of Roehn Theer   Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:48 pm

sign me up
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Character sheet
Name: Redshield
Race: Human
Class: Guardian

PostSubject: Re: GUILD RAID Sat 3rd Sep The Palace of Roehn Theer   Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:54 am

ok, as of now. Their has been just ONE person sign up. So it seems tome that you all have zero interest in Raiding

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PostSubject: Re: GUILD RAID Sat 3rd Sep The Palace of Roehn Theer   

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GUILD RAID Sat 3rd Sep The Palace of Roehn Theer
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