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 Why Raid ?

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PostSubject: Why Raid ?   Sun Oct 16, 2011 7:55 am

Just thought I would put up a post saying WHY I think raiding is important to a guild.

Several Reasons . . .

1. It builds Community within the guild

When we work together we learn to trust each other, learning what the other people playing classes we dont have ourselves can and cant do. What their strengths and weakneses are and the more we raid the better we will get accustomed to our guild mates. In time we will be taking on bigger bosses and hitting harder zones. Building up to the point where we can Raid Level 90 zones where EVERYONE will be able to look forwards to seeing some Very nice gear dropping. Master spells too are VERRRRY usefull.

Master spells, ok we can research them but what people forget if we can also transmute these to make some Awsome Fabled Adornments which might just save ya all 40 plat or more PER adornment.

2. It gains us Reputation within the Server Community.

As people enter our guild hall. to walk passed a nice display of several Raid boss trophys. to make them look on in awe at what we have acomplished. Hmmm I wonder if i could join this guild? some might say.

3. It gains the people raiding Valuble AA points.

AA Skills if placed in the right place REALLY make a difference to the effectivness of our caracters.

4. It gains the people raiding Better Equipment.

Better Gear is important too, not forgetting that Better gear gets more Adornment slots.

With mastercrafted as our base to beguin with and its White Slot, improving to legendary adding a yellow slot. Fabled however gaining a RED slot is uber. Go take a look at the RED Adornments. The Vendor selling these beauties will make you drool. Listing ONLY the adornments that YOUR class uses. I know I cant wait to get my Stances improved with red adornments!

SO. . .

Were currently raiding stuff mentored DOWN to 70 to 80. This is only the beguining.

Our next goal is going to be harder, to raise the bar and hit some tougher Zones.

Tier 8
RoK Instances:

Take a look at these zones and you will see what is going to be coming our way.

Those Raids listed above should see us through to the new year. Giving us only 2 month to get ready to hit these places in 2012. ( 8 weeks guys is your new Aim, hit 90 by then so we can go tackle the following )

Tier 9
SF Instances:

SF Contested:

DoV Instances:

DoV Contested:

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Posts : 46
Join date : 2011-07-13
Location : UK

Character sheet
Name: Redshield
Race: Human
Class: Guardian

PostSubject: Re: Why Raid ?   Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:02 am

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Why Raid ?
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